Nobody Needs a Freelance Writer (But They Still Need You)

Nobody Needs a Freelance Writer (But They Still Need You)

Nonprofits don’t need freelance writers.

What they do need are newsletters, direct mail fundraising letters, Facebook pages, annual reports and other content for both print and online distribution.

But not even the content is the real need. The real need is donors, volunteers, advocates, and other supporters who can help them implement their mission.

So why would you market yourself to nonprofits as simply a freelance writer? When you do that, you fall into the trap of talking about features, when you should be talking about benefits.

The benefits of a good freelancer are newsletters that inspire supporters, annual reports that reassure donors, and Facebook pages that get people commenting and sharing about the cause.

When I first started out, I talked to potential clients about how I could provide freelance writing services. I got blank stares. When I started talking about how I could write their newsletters, special reports, and event speeches, I got paid.


  • Diane Aksten

    Kivi: This post was timely for me; I’m in the process of preparing some letters of introduction and realized my copy was too feature heavy instead of benefit oriented; making the modifications before the letters hit my prospects’ email boxes!!

    • Kivi Leroux Miller

      Great – let me know how those work out!