How Do You Deal with Boring Work or Clients?



Last week I blogged about the perils of getting too far ahead of your clients.

But let’s face it, getting to mix things up a bit when you are bored is one of the benefits of self-employment.

However it might not always be the best business decision, because there might still be very well paying clients associated with that now-boring-to-you work.

How have you handled this situation? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments.

Here are a few things I’ve tried (some more successfully than others) . . .

  • Take what I’ve learned from the now-boring work and turn into some kind of freebie (like a download with a registration form).
  • Take that same information and turn it into a worksheet to get future clients through the boring part of the work more quickly, or with less direct help from me.
  • Set a timer to make myself focus on the boring work for a set amount of time, and then reward myself with something much more fun if I was able to stay focused.
  • Delegate it. I’ve brought on others to do the work that no longer interests me, but that our clients still need.
  • Tough it out, especially if I see some kind of shake-up on that topic on the horizon.
  • Stop doing that kind of work, and be OK with losing the market positioning or the revenue associated with it, because the boredom simply isn’t worth it.

How about you?  Please share in the comments how you handle it when you get bored with your work.