Note Where You Find Inspiration and Make More Time for It



Don’t you love those moments when you get these wonderful big ideas or a surge of pure clarity about your work? It’s definitely a huge high for me.

I love those moments so much, and they have led to so many good business decisions, that I started to be more conscious of what I was doing right before they happened.

While sometimes it’s on a walk, or in the shower, I’d say more than 80% of the time, it’s when I am reading non-fiction.

There’s something about reading about other people’s ideas and experiences — even when (or perhaps especially when) they have nothing to do with nonprofits or marketing — that puts my own mind into creative high gear and I start connecting dots in whole new ways.

So, while I use to think of reading time as a luxury, I know now that it is actually extremely important to my business development.

I wrote last week about three books I’m reading now.

Your assignment: Pay attention to what you are doing right before you get your big insights. Make note of it. Find your own pattern, and make more time for it in your work life.   

 Already know what triggers those big ideas or clarity for you? Share in the comments!


  • Amy Butcher

    I agree, reading nonfiction is when my brain tends to go nuts, so I have insights, but they can be so broad and expansive that they’re not too usable. My actionable insights tend come from having to solve specific problems. Just a couple of weeks ago, I asked what I thought was kind of a stupid question in an online forum, and the person who answered me gave a reply that was so simple yet so insightful that it kind of opened some floodgates for me in terms of my business.

    • Kivi Leroux Miller

      That’s fabulous Amy!