What Clients Actually Get from Me

Ocracoke Island, NC, where I go to find my own  sense of calm every summer.

Ocracoke Island, NC, where I go to find my own sense of calm every summer.

Every six months, 10+ nonprofit communications directors start a mentoring program with me. During our introductory calls, I encourage them to ask me questions.

Most of the time, the questions are logistical or about the specific topics we will cover on the schedule, like messaging, online marketing best practices, and marketing teams.

But there are always one or two people who ask really insightful or smart questions like, “What do the most successful people who do this program have in common?” or “What is the real outcome of this program for people who work hard at it?”

When I got that last question a couple of weeks ago, the word that instantly popped out of my mouth was “calm.”  They get a sense of calm at work.

They get the confidence to know they are making good decisions and following best practices, and that creates a sense of calm in what is usually a very chaotic job.

(I liked the word “calm” so much that I have since created a whole coaching framework around it, but I’ll talk about frameworks in your consulting business another time.)

My point here today is that you can have all the bullet points you want about the services you provide and your expertise. But at the end of the day — or at the end of a long consulting relationship — what are you really leaving your clients with?

That’s the real prize for both you and them.



  • http://www.grandjunctiondesign.com Margaux O’Malley

    Beautiful! Both the photo and the words. :)

    • Dina

      Hi Margaux!
      I also took a look at the photo and instantly thought “Beautiful!” I just looked and looked before I scrolled down to read the actual post. Calm, indeed. I adore the horizon, being able to see that far uninterrupted.