You Don’t Always Market the Real End Result



Last week I blogged about the real end result of our communications director mentoring program: A sense of calm.

But guess what? If I tried to sell “calm” as an outcome for a nonprofit coaching program, I don’t think anyone would register. What nonprofit is going to pay for that??

What nonprofits can get approval to spend money on is training on specifics tactics, coaching on making good marketing decisions, and the like. They want to leave with expert advice and real skills.

They need to connect the dots very clearly between what you say in your marketing and what they need in order to get their important mission work done.

It’s wonderful if you know some of those bigger picture, often more ethereal, outcomes of your work. But don’t get too lost in them. Save them for the one-on-one conversations, not your website.

How about you? Do you have common outcomes that you don’t actively use in your marketing materials? Please share in the comments.