Getting Paid What You Are Worth – It’s Complicated


Last week I asked you to share your biggest marketing challenge right now (still time to add yours if you haven’t already!).

As I look through all of the answers, it’s amazing how interconnected 80% of them are.

It looks a little something like this . . .

The Marketing Struggle for Nonprofit Consultants

There’s a very complicated relationship between value (your ability to explain it, and nonprofits’ willingness to appreciate it) and fees (what you charge and finding clients who can pay that).

Spend a little time thinking about these dynamics . . . it might just help you come to some realizations about your marketing approaches.

We tackle these questions head on in the Get Nonprofit Clients Group Coaching Program. I’ve just re-opened registration, and the program starts October 5. Early bird registration will save you $300.

How have you seen these dynamics playing out in your own practice? Have any tips you can share with others on finding the sweet spot on value and pricing? Please share in the comments.