How to Do Marketing and Client Work at the Same Time

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When we asked about your biggest challenges last month, one common complaint was that you didn’t have time for marketing because you were busy with client work.

Of course, this is a good problem to have. But just feeling grateful for the work doesn’t solve your marketing problem.

Here’s a solution that I have used successfully over the years. It requires blogging or other forms of content marketing as part of your strategy, and some discipline immediately after doing client work, whether in person, on the phone, or on your own.

After each session of client work that takes more than an hour or so, get out your notebook. Jot down a few reflections that can be generalized to other nonprofits in similar situations as your client, or mind map what you just spent that hour doing.

This stuff is content GOLD. Gold, I tell you!  You are taking all that consulting brain power that you just applied to one client and stepping back so you can learn how to apply it to others.

And . . . you are sketching out a first draft of a blog post. Or maybe notes from a few of these sessions come together into one post. Or if it’s really good, it becomes an e-book or a presentation.

Of course, you still need to set aside some time to finish it up. But the majority of the hard thinking is already done!

Give it a try for a week or two. You just might be shocked how much marketing content you can create in those note taking breaks.

Have you successfully turned time working with clients into marketing time too? Share how you did it in the comments! 


  • Margaux O’Malley

    Kivi, thanks for the fantastic idea! I can foresee my wall covered in sticky notes… :)