What Would You Ask 2,500 Nonprofits?

2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends

Every year at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we do a Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. We develop the questions around this time of year, open the survey throughout November, do some “sneak peek” releases of the data in December and issue the full report in January.

It’s a great resource for the community, and a great list builder for us.

I usually add 3-5 new questions a  year, and am brainstorming now.

We usually get somewhere around 2,500 nonprofits participating, most of whom are communications directors, with some development directors and executive directors too.

What question(s) would you like to see in the survey, that perhaps could help you with your own marketing decisions? Multiple choice is easiest, so let me know what answers you would offer as choices too. 

Share your ideas in the comments — and thanks for your help with brainstorming!

P.S. The Get Nonprofit Clients Coaching Program starts October 5 and registration ends this Friday. I’ve decided to make the early bird rates permanent, so no worries if you didn’t get around to registering yet!

  • http://www.rtoddfelton.com RTFelton

    I’d love to hear how nonprofits are willing to spend developing marketing and branding capacity versus outsourcing or hiring a firm.

  • Amy Butcher

    Hi Kivi, I’d like to know how nonprofits research their donors for fundraising and marketing purposes. For a multiple choice question, this could be either in terms of numbers of donors (10 to 50; 51 to 100; etc.) or type of research (Online Survey; Email survey; Facebook Survey; Phone survey; Online research only; No surveys, etc.) Thanks!