Registration Closes Friday for Group Coaching Program

Get Nonprofit Clients Coaching ProgramIf you are really interested in how to market your business to nonprofits, and developing your own customized marketing strategy that will work for you, joining the Get Nonprofit Clients Coaching Program is the way to go.

I will offer this program only once a year, so it will be late 2016 before I re-open the program.

Want to create a marketing strategy that gets you the sweet life in 2016? We get started on Monday!

Want to join us? Registration closes at midnight ET on Friday, October 2, 2015.


New Coaching Program – Few Questions and Answers

New Coaching Program – Few Questions and Answers

Since I announced yesterday that I had opened registration for the new Get Nonprofit Clients Coaching Program, a few questions have come in that I thought I’d answer here too.

Q: Are there other expenses associated with the program? Will you ask us to do things that cost money?

A: No. We’ll talk about a range of marketing options and some of those would cost you money, but many will be free (well, they’ll take your time, which is not free, but they won’t require cash outlays. You know what I mean).

Q: Will this program help us with our consulting work doing marketing for nonprofits?

A: This is not a “train the trainer” program. If you need help learning nonprofit marketing as a service you can provide to nonprofit clients, you should check out the All-Access Pass to Nonprofit Marketing Guide.  This program is about helping you better market your own business to nonprofits so you get more or better clients.

Q: How can I figure out if this investment is right for me? I’m just not sure if I should do this or spend the money on actual marketing. 

That’s your decision of course! If you are very clear in your mind about how you want to market your business to nonprofits, I say go do it! Spend the money on that plan and make it work. But if you aren’t sure what your best approaches are, then invest in this program and you will be by the end of the 9-week session. Helping you figure that out is one of my goals.

Any other questions? Feel free to email me at or add in the comments.

Remember, early registration comes with significant savings:

$599 when you register by 1/23.

$799 when register by 1/30.

$999 when you register by 2/3.

Get all the details and register here.