Three Book I’m Reading Now. What About You?

Summer is a great time for me to catch up on reading. Here are three books I’m reading now that you might find interesting too as a nonprofit consultant.

A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life

The movie producer stories got a little old, but overall I really enjoyed this book. He talks about how simply being interested in others, and then actively pursuing conversations with people who are not like you, can lead to some amazing things.

Mastermind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers, and Linchpins


I just started this one, but along similar lines, when you get a group of people together, very interesting things can happen that can help you personally and professionally. I am an introvert – I never throw parties, and don’t even have people over often (my extrovert friends all know to just invite themselves over). So gives me something to think about that is probably super obvious to really outgoing social people!


Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future


Just about done with this one. I think of myself as good at connecting dots and produce an annual trends report, so an analysis of how you actually find trends was very interesting to me.


How about you? What are reading now that your colleagues might find interesting? Share in the comments.

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